Sunday, January 27, 2013

How To Make a Simple Sandwich Look Fancy

These adorable sandwich wraps are a perfect way to make any sandwich look dressed up!

What you need:

  • Wax paper
  • Raffia, or twine
  • Desired Sandwich, pictured is a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich on fresh rye grain bread.


For open sandwich wraps:

1. Measure and cut the wax paper to cover half of the sandwich on both sides, shaped in a folded rectangle.

2. Carefully fold the sides of the paper in, folding twice and tucking underneath.  Don't worry about keeping the paper in place- that is what the raffia will do!

3. Cut a piece of the raffia about twice the size of your sandwich.  Begin with the raffia on a flat surface.  Place the wrapped sandwich on top of the raffia, careful not untuck the wax paper.  Tie the raffia in a bow or knot and cut the excess.  How easy is that?

For closed sandwich wraps:

1.  Cut a piece of wax paper about twice the size of sandwich and lay on flat surface.

2.  Place sandwich in center of wax paper and gently fold in horizontal sides of paper.  Fold vertical sides in triangles, as if you are wrapping a present.  Fold in triangle sides and carefully flip sandwich so paper remains put.  The entire sandwich should be covered at this point.

3.  Cut two pieces of raffia, both twice as long as sandwich.  Tie one piece of raffia around the sandwich, as pictured above, but do not tie a bow.  Tie a knot and cut the excess.

4.  Take the second piece of raffia and wrap it in the opposite direction of the first.  This time, tie a bow on top of the first knot.  Enjoy!

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